Faction Name


Fur color


Eye color


Signature weapon



Emperor Xoctopus

First Appearance

Episode 7

Notable Features

Green "fur" and different "fluff"

The Aliens Bears are the enemies in Episode 7 commanded by Emperor Xoon and wield a Raygun. They use mind control devices to control other bears from different episodes like: Zombears, R0B0-B34R5, Ninja Bears, and Army Bears. They are a pale, dark-greenish color with two antenna on their heads that change color depending on the situation. When alerted they are red, when calm they are purple. They also have a different fluff particles.


  • When you wound Alien Bears, instead of fluff, a green substance leaks out. This could be Space "Fluff", or the Alien Bears could be filled with some kind of slime. This is theory, not fact. But Alien Bears are not full of regular, earthly fluffing.
  • All but two of the alien bears have their names that start with an X.

Faction Size & Equipment Edit

Below is a list of each individual Ninja Bear. This list is in progress. The Alien Bears are green in "fur" color.

  • Green with generic alien eyes.
  • Antenna
  • All Alien Bears carry a Raygun

Members Edit

(NOTE: Some of these are in the sequel, Naughty Bear: Panic In Paradise and not in the original game. This page does not cover the sequel.)

  • Emperor Xoctopus
  • Emperor/Ambassador Xoon
  • Ambassador Xamari
  • Xrum
  • Xuter
  • Xuurn
  • Xunon
  • Xwid
  • Xars
  • Xenos
  • Xylt
  • Frank
  • Xav
  • Xibberish
  • Xylanthrax
  • Xylofun
  • Xylophus
  • Xunor Junior
  • Xunor Senior
  • Unpronounceablename
  • Xeird (Guarding Emperor Xoctopus)
  • X_X
  • Xynophus (Guarding Emperor Xoctopus)
  • Xygxag
  • Xify