An alignment is if a certain faction is good, bad, or regular.

Good Bears Edit

A Good Bear will fight for what's right, and will fight evil. The Good Bears are listed below.

  • Colored Bears: Giggles, Daddles, Goober, Nibbles, Sunbeam, Stardust, Twinkles, Cuddles, Bubbles, Cozy, Pudding, Chubby, Trembles, Fluffy, and Normal will all fight for peace.
  • The Fuzz: Chief Gordon, Officer Curly, Officer Buttercop, and Officer Copcake will all fight for justice.
  • Army Bears: Colonel Ketchup, General Treacle, and all of their soldiers will fight off against the Zombears.
  • X-Bears: Danger Bear and the X-Bears will fight against criminals.

Neutral Bears Edit

A Neutral Bear will attack whoever they're suspicious of, and are usually set to do a certain thing. The Neutral Bears are listed below.

  • Ninja Bears: Master Miyagi, Ninja Fukumoto, Ninja Chan, and Ninja Lee will protect Chubby from anyone they think may be harmful. They are doing this for money.
  • B.E.A.R.S.: Elite Mahoney and his troops will bodyguard Trembles from threats. They are doing this for money.
  • R0B0-B34R5: R0B0-PRIM3 and the R0B0-B34R5 were created by Fluffy, and they serve no purpose other than helping Fluffy with his ideas and brainstorming.
  • Pirate Bears: The Great Bear Beard and his Pirates are called by Giggles to dig up the island for treasure.

Hostile Bears Edit

A Hostile Bear is evil and will attack all Good and Neutral Bears until they are dead. The Evil Bears are listed below.

  • Zombears: Oodoo and his Zombears are summoned by the Dead Book to destroy all the Bears and the island they live on.
  • Alien Bears: Emperor Xoctopus and his son Ambassador Xoon mind control all the Bears and take over the island.
  • Vampire Bears: The Vampiricorn and his monstrous horde will take over the island and kill any Bear they see with their sharp claws.

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