An Axe is used for cutting wood for making cabins or slashing someone's head off. You choose.

In the game, there are 2 kinds of axes:

  • A small but fast hatchet.


  • A bigger and heavier fire axe with tape on its blade and causes more damage. The fire axe appears more rarely than the hatchet, which is found on almost every level.

It takes about three hits with the large axe to kill a bear.

Ultra Kills:Edit

Kill with Hand Axe: Naughty pushes his victim over on the ground and starts to aggressively stab his victim in the face 7 times with the hand axe.

Suicide with Hand Axe: The victim will hesitate then will start to chopping himself to death.

Kill with Big Axe: Naughty flips his Axe upside down and hits into the bears bowel area, the Bear's legs will give up caused by the agonizing pain and naughty will finish up by pushing the bear with his feet off the Axe.

Suicide with Big Axe: The victim will hesitate then sticks the Axe between his eyes with power and slowly will collapse to the ground dead.