The Ancient OnesEdit

The Bearcatattoo are an ancient race of bears. The Bearcatattoo seem to have been very advanced due to the fact they made temples. In each temple is treasure, a weapon, or a bear. The bears in each of the temples must be guarding it because in the last assassination, Professor B. Brightness, when Naughty enters the temple, The Narrator tells Naughty of a possible entrance to Dark World. The eyes of the Bearcatattoo are red, they all seem to be guarding each temple and most of them are very fast.


  • Oodoo is wearing the skull that symbolizes leadership to the Bearcatattoo. This is strange because the Bearcatattoo god-king is seen in his throne, in the temple in the Seaside Greenhouse. This means that:
  1. Oodoo stole the skull from the god-king of the Bearcatattoo.
  2. Oodoo was given the skull.
  3. Oodoo might have been a leader of another time and took back the skull.

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