Bearmeister Mansion is a location in Naughty Bear: Panic in Paradise. As the name implies, it's a large mansion with a wonderful garden decorated with marble statues representing either Silky or another bear with a fake unibear horn, maybe the same purple bear you see in the photos presents inside the mansion. A creepy particular is that over one of the level's exit you can find a humanoid face engraved into a large stone wall and around it the trees are dead and shriveled, it's still unknown what it could hint.

Location SummaryEdit

Bearmeister Mansion is the third level where you punish Goober. It is filled with dancing bears and V.I.B Bears (Very Important Bears).

Location TargetsEdit

  • Goober: Goober is holding a costume party and did not invite you, Naughty. Teach Goober a lesson by finding a cool costume and punishing him in the woods.
  • Silky: Silky is always so prideful. Always being gifted with his acting skills. Well, Naughty, maybe you should hang Silky from his object of pride, The statue that stands in his backyard.
  • Master Miyagi: The former hitman now movie star Miyagi, has been invited to a costume party. The thing is, he's not wearing a costume. Miyagi is an actual ninja. Punish Miyagi by liberating the pirate dressed bears, who worked so hard to make their costumes, to kill Miyagi.

Quotes on Bearmeister MansionEdit

  • Bearmeister Mansion is currently owned by Silky, an insanely popular movie star who likes to party decadently.


  • Silky currently owns Bearmeister Mansion. In DLC videos Squeaky and Fluffy own Bearmeister Mansion. This means that the mansion is only for rent and never for full owner-ship.
  • In DLC videos, there is a bed that both Squeaky and Fluffy share.


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