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Blue hat, name is spelled with an "S" at the end


Bubbles is a pale-blue bear. He is the antagonist of Episode 8, along with Cop Gordon. He is a big fan of Danger Bear, and acts like a sidekick to him.

Personality & TraitsEdit

Bubbles will fight back when provoked, but will often try to escape and get help.

He will often leave a building when he does not feel safe inside of it.


Episode 8Edit

Bubbles is one of the bears invited to a party by Cop Gordon. Gordon also invited Naughty as a cake tester. Naughty is at first slightly relunctant to join them, believing it to be a trap, but the Narrator encourages him to go. When Naughty does arrive, Bubbles is cupping his paws over his mouth and appears to be laughing, which is one of the first hints the invitation is a trap for Naughty. This is proven true with Gordon knocks over some jelly, revealing a button that he presses, revealing several search lights that attract the attention of the X-Bears, the greatest super-bear crime-fighting team ever, who have come to eliminate Naughty. As Bubbles and the other bears cheer as Danger Bear appears, Naughty runs away. With the X-Bears searching for Naughty, Naughty decides to take revenge on Bubbles and Cop Gordon as revenge for the trick.

Naughty Bear: Panic In ParadiseEdit

Bubbles was one of the many bears invited by Cuddles to go on a vacation at Paradise Island. Naughty wasn't invited, so he decides to take revenge on Bubbles and the others.

The Underworld ClubEdit

The Narrator realizes that Bubbles is the one entertaining everyone and has organized a party at the beach. Naughty Bear decides to kill Bubbles by shoving his head in the mega sub-bass woofer. Bubbles has anticipated Naughty's arrival and has hired DJ Fuzz and his forces to guard him and the other bears at the party. Fuzz is personally guarding Bubbles. Naughty Bear kills off the other bears and DJ Fuzz's security force and finally overwhelms Bubbles and shoves his head in the sub-bass woofer, and he is electrocuted, but still twitching.

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Naughty Hit List 8 Bubbles

Naughty Hit List 8 Bubbles