Buddy Bearperton
Buddy Bearperton


Buddy Bearperton

Fur Color:

Red Orange

Eye Color:


Notable Features:

No information



No information

Buddy Bearperton SummaryEdit

He's Greasy's good-for-othing cousin. He shows off saying he will stab Naughty with his knife for get popular. Needless to say, he cannot win against Naughty in a real fight. He along with his gang, The jackets normally attack any cops in sight, this could be annoying because there is a chance Buddy could die and fail the mission


Does this bear fix broken things? Will this bear assist others when they are trapped in a bear trap? Will this bear try to escape by boat or car? Put that all here!


Buddy will only appear in his own episode. He needs to be killed with his own knife. However, you can't take weapons from other bears until they are dead, so the only way to defluff Buddy is to kill him, take his knife, use it for an ultra kill on some other bear (which will unlock it) and buy the mypal knife from the in-game store. Then, go back to his episode with the mypal knife equipped and kill Buddy with it.

Equipment & HeadgearEdit

  • Greasers - Style leather jacket
  • "Mypal" knife
  • Sunglasses
  • Shorts

Behind the ScenesEdit



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