Captain Bearbeard
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Captain Bearbeard


Captain Bearbeard

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Captain Bearbeard SummaryEdit

Captain Bearbeard is the Commander of the Pirate Bears that arrive on Perfection Island in Episode Nine, when Giggles forms an alliance with the Pirate Bears, to dig up the treasure under Naughty Bear's glade. In Episode Nine Captain Bearbeard is in charge of helping Giggles find the loot under Naughty's hut. He is armed with the Cutlass weapon, and is a playable costume. In the costume selection, it is said that he has a profound hatred of ninjas. Interestingly, the description of his beard seems to claim he's allergic to sharks as well, it could be a hint about his peg leg.

For some reason in the italian version of the game his name is Redbear.

Personality & TraitsEdit

Despite his frightful happerance, Bearbeard seems to be a rather nice and friendly fellow. His official "newspaper clip" claims he's loved by his crew and he never hurt any hostage he captured. His friendliness is shown when he responds to Giggle's shy salute with a laugh and a pat on his back.

When provoked he will attack. When attacked he will retreat and come back.

He is a brave bear and it's almost impossible to drive insane. Like with Colonel Ketchup, the only way could be methodically kill every crewmember leaving him for last, even better (or worse, depends of the point of view), injure him first and then proceed to the killings around him.

It's not known if it's official or not, but his personality along with his obsession for the lost treasure and peg leg make him similar to Long John Silver.


He happears in the downloadable Chapter Nine and he is fought at the Disco.

Equipment & HeadgearEdit

Captain Bearbeard is dressed in a similar manner to his other Pirate Bears, the only difference being his hat and beard.

Naughty Bear: Panic in ParadiseEdit

He doesn't seem to appear in the game, but you can see what seems to be the Fluffowl's Revenge (his ship) at Fiesta Docks along with some of his crewmembers. Also, the info messages during the loading times of the game hint about a feud between the pirates and the Paradise Police Force fighting over the domain of Fiesta Docks. He might come back in a possible DLC update.

Unlike the first game, where every pirate got a pegleg, here all the pirates who appear in the game got all their limbs. So if BearBeard will ever appear he might be the only one with a pegleg.

Videos & ImagesEdit

Il timido benvenuto di Giggles

Giggles's shy welcome.

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