Fur Color:


Eye Color:


Notable Features:

Scarf, Maroon Service Suit and Service Pants and Shoes





Comfy SummaryEdit

Unbelieveable, Naughty. Comfy, the manager, has organized guards to patrol his lovely resort complex. I think theres only one reason for this and thats to keep you out! I don't think comfy is very nice bear at all. hes happy to welcome all the other bears but apparently not you!

Personality & TraitsEdit

Comfy will fix sabatoaged objects help other bears and most likley call for help


Comfy appears in Level 30 he also appears in the very first level (the bear thats standing behind the desk of the lobby)

Equipment & HeadgearEdit

Comfy has no weapons and the clothes he wears are a maroon service pants and shoes and bellhop hat to get this guys costume go to the first level and steal the clothes from the bear in front of the desk in the lobby you can do this in Comfys level but it would mean failing your objective to defluff Comfy. His moustaches are actually painted on, puzzling even the Narrator about how Naughty managed to obtain them. Maybe he stole the pencil used for paint the moustaches?

Video & ImagesEdit

There are no videos or images so far you can some now!

Naughty Bear: Panic in ParadiseEdit

Comfy is only in Naughty Bear Panic In Paradise he is not in any other game


Always put annotations for reference material!


Comfy is also the real name of the dreaded pirate Bearbeard. But it could be only a chase of identical names, there's no way the two bears can be the same.

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