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Cozy SummaryEdit

Cozy is a bright red bear who is the boss of Episode 3. He forms an alliance with the Army Bears and orders them to place video cameras on the heads of birds, using the birds to spy on Naughty Bear. Cozy is one of the ten Perfection Island residents who stand up against Naughty in their own specific episodes. In his episode, Cozy does not put the other bears in danger, but he does infringe on Naughty's rights with no prior provoction. So the Antagonist/Protagonist placement may not be apparent.

Personality & TraitsEdit

Cozy's more significant traits are apparent in the episode he stars in. He wears a light blue helmet signifying his role as a peacekeeper; but he appears to be very paranoid hence his alliance with the army, who keeps tight security around the cabin he resides in, under the guidance and leadership of Colonel Ketchup. He wields a revolver and usually sticks with the bulk of the army. His low tolerance of naughtiness, which causes him to go insane, quickly ensures his rather brief journey into a military career. If Naughty Bear manages to punish Cozy with the cabin's Television in "Episode 3: Big Ted is Watching" or any of it's challenges, they will earn the achievement/trophy "Watch THIS Cozy!".
  • If this Colored Bear does not feel safe inside a fortified building, he will attempt to escape.
  • This Colored Bear is somewhat easy to push over the edge.
  • When alerted to danger, this Colored Bear will call for help.
  • When alerted to danger, this Colored Bear will give orders.
  • When aware of a hostile presence, this Colored Bear will try to find a weapon and fight back.

Equipment & HeadgearEdit

Cozy wears a light blue "Peacekeeper" helmet, with the white abbreviation of the BN on both sides. This could be the game's version of the UN. He also carries a revolver. If you manage to earn Cozy's hat by completing the episode, the hat is labeled "Peacekeeper Naughty".

Pictures & ScreenshotsEdit


Naughty Hit List 9 Cozy

Naughty Hit List 9 Cozy

Naughty Hit List #9 Cozy

Naughty Bear: Panic in ParadiseEdit

Cozy was invited by Cuddles to go to Paradise Island. Naughty is upset that he wasn't invited, and kills Cuddles before hunting down the other bears. Cozy decides to end his reign of terror.

Retreat & Spa for War HeroesEdit

Cozy teams up with the Army Bears again to take down Naughty Bear. He plans to use the super cannon and blast Naughty's hut to pieces. This earns him Naughty's wrath, and he decides to use the canno against Cozy. The Army Bears are guarding Cozy, so Naughty must kill General Treacle, take his clothing, and attack Cozy. Cozy is grabbed by Naughty and shoved in the cannon, where he is blown up.