Dr. Docteur
Dr. Docteur
Dr. Docteur


Dr. Docteur

Fur color


Eye color

Black (presumably)

Notable features

Goggles, mustache

Dr. Docteur appears in Naughty Bear: Panic in Paradise. As his name suggests, he is a doctor on Paradise Island and works in the Wellness Centre. He may also be a mad scientist who experiments on helpless bears. He also may be a psycho.


The doctor is very smart and cooperative. He created a fluff-sucking machine for helping bears who cannot lose weight in any other way. Chubby is one of his patients.


Dr. Docteur is teal in color and wears a doctor's white suit. He has a long mustache that goes straight up. He wears goggles that cover his eyes, though his eyes are probably black since most of the other bears eyes are black.

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