Dr. Juggles
Dr. Juggles


Dr. Juggles

Fur color

Cherry red

Eye color

Black (presumably)

Notable features

Black suit and hat, glasses

Dr. Juggles SummaryEdit

"The clever, malicious Dr. Juggles, is the resort resident psychiatrist. He offers counseling to ensure that each bear reaches perfect happiness. There are rumors already that Juggles would like to get his paws on you and make you as happy as one of them! Ugh. As if you have any issues Naughty!" -Naughty Bear: Panic in Paradise

Personality & TraitsEdit

Juggles, despite the Narrator calling him malicious, actually appears to be rather kind, seeking to help troubled bears and make them kind to others. However, Naughty Bear doesn't think he has any issues and doesn't want to change, so Juggles must be punished. He might have learned of Naughty from Daddles, since he's seen speaking with him.

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