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Showing some of the mysterious portraits.

DuGuard temple is a wonderful castle sorrounded by a bush maze in the depts of Paradise Island. Even if it seems to be open to tourists during daytime, at night obscure activites are at work...

General OverviewEdit

Compared even to Bearstein Mansion, this temple is clearly a place where only the top of the society can live. The gardens are patrolled by powerful knights and the members of the Slab Chiselers lead by Sir Rubert seem to meet here at night for discuss their activities. The area is extremely dark and the mist over the grass seems to hint a rater chilly temperature, in the Bearcatattoo temple si possible to find extremely powerful weapons, like Phil the singing sword and Death's scythe.

Inside the CastleEdit

Despsite being depicted majest and enormous, you can only visit the main hall of the inside of the DuGuard temple, a luxurious meeting room decorated like if it's from the past century and a grammophone plays a old hall music. Weapons are seen lining the walls and the Slab Chiseler's logo, the golden divider, can be seen on the top of the fireplace. During the missions most of the members are seen relaxing inside the hall or just walking around the main builing, they never go that far away without being escorted by knights.

A strange and weird easter egg is present on the second floor of the hall, even if you cannot actually walk up there you can see black and white photos of actual humans. Probably the game's programmers but except for the stone faces you can find at the Military SPA and Bearestein Mansion, this might be the only official presence of humans in the whole Naughty Bear franchise.

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