Emperor Xoctopus
Emperor Xoctopus


Emperor Xoctopus

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Emperor Xoctopus SummaryEdit

Emperor Xoctopus is the emperor of the Alien Bears. He wears a golden crown, an armor-like garment, and red and gold-armored leggings, while wielding a scepter. He has turned the entire Fiesta Terrace Cantina into a warzone. The Narrator tells Naughty that he still must not be happy with Naughty for ruining his invasion. The Narrator also tells Naughty that the only way to end the chaos, is to punish Emperor Xoctopus anyway he can.


He seems to be strong but very cowardly. He will fix the toilets just behind the Cantina if you break them. Kinda weird for an emperor.


Invasion #2Edit

Emperor Xoctopus has setup an invasion at The Fiesta Terrace Cantina. The only way it will end is if Naughty can punish Xoctopus for invading. The Narrator tells Naughty it doesn't matter how he is punished, as long as Xoctopus is punished.

Equipment & HeadgearEdit

Statistics, equipped weapon, and clothing go here. Also, put ways to earn this bear's costume here!

Behind the ScenesEdit



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  • It should be noted that The Narrator says that Xoctopus is still mad at Naughty for ruining his first invasion. This is strange because Emperor Xoon was leader of the first invasion. This means that:
  1. There are two alien emperors.
  2. Xoon was not really emperor.
  3. Xoctopus became emperor and took credit for the first invasion.
  4. Xoctopus gave the idea to Emperor Xoon while Xoctopus was not the emperor.
  • Emperor Xoctopus is xoon's father.

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