Stardust is getting beaten up by a boat

The Vampiricorn sneaking up on a Unibear preparing to suck his fluff.

Episode 10

Vampire BearsEdit

By far the best Naughty Bear DLC to date not only does it have the best atmosphere of all the DLCs it has 4 new multiplayer modes.anyway onto the Story After Stardust summons a vampire horde to the island, lead by the legendary and terrifying Vampiricorn the throng of fluff-sucking bears start the hunt for Naughty Bear to suck his fluff. Fright your way through a beariffic new story, disguise yourself with new costumes and bring an end to the un-dead with the terrifyingly new Vicious Vampire Claw!

The CutscenesEdit

Naughty Bear is sneaking around the disco and start listening music after he sneaks to dancefloor . When the Narrator praises the music that Naughty is listening, Giggles and Stardust arrives to disco and Narrator tells Naughty to hide. Giggles and Stardust turns music back on, and Unibear arrives to listen it, but this was an trap to Unibear and the horrific Vampiricorn sneaks behind it. Vampiricorn sucks fluff out of Unibear and Stardust walks toward Vampiricorn. The Narrator thinks that Stardust has gone mad and tells Naughty to save him. But instead of killing him, Vampiricorn takes order to kill Naughty from Stardust. The Narrator thinks that Stardust is really stupid, because he summoned Vampiricorn only to kill Naughty. Vampiricorn summons bats to observe the island and the Narrator tells Naughty to stop Vampires and punish Stardust.

Dance KingEdit

In this game mode a Unibear will appear somewhere on the map and you have to dance with him to score points whoever dances with the Unibear the longest wins!

Left 4 TedEdit

A pun on Left 4 Dead this mode is a co-op survival type mode where players have to hold off against the zombears A.I horde once you get killed by a zombear you turn into one.


A leach type of game (probably taken from TimeSplitters) The vampire bear with constantly depleting health must kill other players to take their health basically its like a game of hide and seek!


This is a game where you have to kill bears. First one who kills the most bears wins.


Main CharactersEdit

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