Trembles has gotten his hand stuck in the door

Trembles with his 2 bodyguards.

Episode 5 is the fifth episode in Naughty Bear.


Naughty Bear is lying on the edge of the pier, trying to catch some large fish. The Narrator gently suggests that he use a tool to make his task easier as they are slippery. Naughty responds by pulling out a revolver and shooting a fish, causing the Narrator to praise him for his resourcefulness.

Naughty Bear's fishing is cut short when Trembles returns to the island. He had just recently been promoted to Oil Baron and is coming back to drill for oil. The other bears happily wait for him to dock while Naughty hides behind a tree. He was not told that Trembles would return.

Trembles has hired his bodyguards, the Bear Emergency Action Response unit, otherwise known as B.E.A.R., to protect him. Trembles not only plans to kill Naughty Bear, but he also plans to demolish Naughty's hut in order to drill for oil in that same spot. The Narrator tells Naughty that Trembles should not be allowed to abuse his power anymore and to be taught a lesson.


The Boss for this Episode is Trembles, a bear of a light-taupe hue.