R153 OF R0B0-B34REdit


Naughty Bear is chasing a Fluffrog in the late afternoon until a robotic bear suddenly appears and crushes the frog underfoot. When it retreats, Naughty follows it back to the factory where he witnesses many other R0B0-B34R5 involved in the production of a giant robotic bear head lead by Fluffy. The Narrator believes it to be a robotic super-brain. Fluffy then gives a Zero Point Quantum Grid Resonator to one of the R0B0-B34R5. The Narrator, soundly disturbed, claims that those devices are very dangerous. He surmises that if the resonators were used by the super-brain, they could create a Quantum Rift that is capable of wiping out the universe, or at the very least Naughty's glade and hut. The Narrator instructs Naughty to get destroy the resonators and to stop the super-brain.


Fluffy is the boss bear of this episode. He is located at the factory, surrounded by his army of R0B0-B34R5 and a specific bear, R0B0-PR1M3. Punishing Fluffy and completing the episode gains the "Threat Terminated" achievement/trophy.

Getting the R0B0-B34R5 to attack their master gains the "Rebellion" achievement/trophy.

Punishing Fluffy with the factory's conveyor belt gains the "Gear Head" Ironic Kill achievement/trophy.


Cup Score RequirementsEdit

Invisible Level 6-1:

Friendly Level 6-2:

Killer Level 6-3: Trophy bronze 775.000 Trophy silver 1.600.000 Trophy 2.575.000

Top Hat Level 6-4: