Danger bear

Episode 8 is the first downloadable Episode for the PSN and Xbox. It cost around or so 500 of megabytes, but is a free Download.

In Episode 8, Naughty Bear is invited to a cake testing contest by the bears of the island. Naughty thinks they will finally befriend him, when really it is a trap. Naughty dresses up as his favorite superhero, Danger Bear, because the party is for the upcoming arrival of the X-Bears and Danger Bear, leader of them. When Naughty walks up to them he offers them friendship as promised by them. But the bears, lead by Bubbles and Cop Gordon, trick Naughty as Cop Gordon knocks over a cake and presses a red button activated a trap, as a huge spotlight appears, as it signals the mighty X Bears and Danger Bear to kill Naughty. The Narrator tells Naughty to run, Naughty retreats to a hut, where some other bears have apparently dressed up as Danger Bear as well. It is not known how there got there, why they are there, or where they came from either. The Narrator then tells Naughty how dreadful a thing it was for them to betray him, as he tells Naughty to go kill Cop Gordon and Bubbles for such acts. In this dlc you will get the X Bears weapons and you will get new finishing moves will you be able to beat this episode find out in naughty bear episode 8.

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