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Flopsey is mentioned in the third set of screenshots, for creating a mutant hybrid called the Grhuel, which has infected all bears in the Greenhouse.

Flopsey SummaryEdit

Flopsey is the chief biologist working at Paradise Island. He uses the shark plant to create the hybrid beast, the Grhuel, which he traps in the Greenhouse. The Grhuel is an aggresive beast who wants to taste bear fluff. Naughty Bear decides that the bear who's fluff will be tasted is Flopsey, who Naughty forces to face his evil creation.

Personality & TraitsEdit

Flopsey is a brilliant biologist and has created many amusing plant animal hybrids. Flopsey is not a skilled fighter and will try to run if he feels unsafe (suprisingly fast). Although he is good at inventing plants animals, he's not skilled at taming them as Naughty Bear easily uses them aginst the bears. He appears to dislike naughty bear as according to the narrator (how ever reliable he is) made Grhuel for the sole purposes of killing Naughty Bear. His Grhuel being part vampire may imply he is on good terms with them.


Seaside GreenhouseEdit

Flopsey has used the shark plant DNA to create the Grhuel, a vampire-like beast with blood-red eyes. He and the Gardeners try to eliminate the beast, but Naughty Bear decides to use Flopsey as a meal for the Grhuel. The Grhuel is trapped inside a garden so Naughty Bear coaxes him out and guides him to Flopsey where he kills the master botanist.

Equipment & HeadgearEdit

Flopsey is pink in color and wears a straw hat. He also has a brown mustache. He has black eyes like most of the other bears.

Video & ImagesEdit

Any videos or images of the bear, go here.

Naughty Bear: Panic in ParadiseEdit

Flopsey is going to appear in the second game in his first appearance at the Greenhouse.


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