A Fluffoul is a bird that is encountered throughout the Naughty Bear game mostly in the forest or on the top of any building, docks or even the archs of tunnels.

They live on Paradise island as well, but in a temple nearby Greasy's Garage is possible to find a nest of them, and for some weird reason (The Narrator implies it's the temple's magic energy) some of them grew up to gigantic sizes.


Fluffouls have not much significance in-game. The player receives 500 points for killing one but in episode 3,Big ted is watching Cozy and the army are attaching cameras to them.Killing them is in episode three an optional objective.


  • Despite likely being based upon owls, they appear only during the day, and not at night.
  • Naughty has pet fluffouls.
  • They don't seem to be afraid of Naughty. In Episode Nine one is even siding with him in a prank.
Fluffallerga in volo

A flying Fluffoul carrying a nut or a rock.