G'eq'g'ilek is the Bearcatattoo guarding the Bearcatattoo temple in Greasy's Garage. He only appears during the Buddy Bearperton assassination. To find the key, go over to the officer standing near the second stone bench. Break the bench and you will find the key. When Naughty enters the temple, no one will be there. To see the Bearcatattoo,break the lone barrel in the back of the room. G'eq'g'ilek is the largest Bearcatattoo found and to add to his height, he wields a giant meat cleaver called a beaver.


  • This is the only bear Naughty has to find by breaking something. This is also the largest Bearcatattoo found in the game.
  • When killed, G'eq'g'ilek drops the highest coin amount with 20,000 naughty coins.
  • This is one of the few Bearcatattoo that is also a Zombear.
  • If you have the camera facing Naughty when you enter G'eq'g'ilek's temple, you can see his character model appear for a split second before he spawns.

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