General Treacle
General Treacle


General Treacle

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Desert Eagle/Pistol


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General Treacle SummaryEdit

General Treacle is the general of the Army. Judging by his countless medals and grayed fur, he must be really old, probably even older than Gordon. He helped Cozy realize his super cannon and according to the Narrator some of his medals are bottle caps. He seems to be a bit hard of hearing because he won't react to Naughty's lighter "boo". Another proof of his probable deafness is Ketchup always shouting when talking to him, probably for make sure Treacle at least understands what he's talking about. In Panic in Paradise, he always has either a sergeant, the colonel, or corporals protecting him.


He rarely moves from his position and he has a really strong gun. He sometimes fixes broken things and doesn't call for help. Very dangerous to face head-on, can kill Naughty with few shots. He will still fire when injured.


He can be found at the Spa and Retreat for War Veterans, either talking with Colonel Ketchup or just enjoying the scenery. Naughty Bear ends up chasing him down and pushing him into Insanity. General Treacle's current status is Defluffed, because of what Naughty Bear put him through. He ended up committing suicide by shooting himself in the head, ending his life.

Equipment & HeadgearEdit

In Naughty Bear Panic In Paradise, Treacle will wear a General's cap, Glorius Jacket and army boots.

Behind the ScenesEdit



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