There are many glitches occurring in Naughty Bear. Here are a few noticed.

  • On Episode 4, on the last section of the mission, no bears appear. Upon trying to pause the game, the game freezes, only allowing you to either go to your dashboard or turning off your console
  • Online play does not allow you to connect.
  • Naughty Bear sometimes gets glitched into items and can't move out of it. The only way out is to restart the level
  • If you put traps to close to windows outside, bears will get caught in the traps inside the building. Also, if you press the buttons to either scare or kill them, you are transported into the house.
  • Sometimes there will be nothing in the areas except houses and items.
  • In certain levels with lots of enemies, like Episode 6 and 7, the game will heavily lag and then freeze forcing you to restart the console.

If there are any more, please add the glitches and if there are any ways to avoid these glitches, please post that too.