Goober the Black Knight



Fur Color:

Dark Green

Eye Color:


Notable Features:

Black Knight Helmet


No Known Weapon

Goober SummaryEdit

Goober is a dark green teddy bear, who might be more intelligent than his name suggests. Like Pudding he has no major role in the first Naughty Bear game, aside from being another bear to kill/torture. In Naughty Bear: Panic in Paradise, Goober says insulting things about Naughty Bear while dancing at the resort party, and as punishment Naughty Bear must choke the life out of him; Goober is the third bear on the Naughty Hit List. He carries a gothic style axe.

Personality & TraitsEdit

From what can be gathered from the Naughty Hit List videos, Goober is a rude bear and enjoys parties. Since Goober appears so often with Pudding, it could be speculated that the two are friends. From what the Narrator suggests, Goober is always saying mean things about Naughty.

Equipment & HeadgearEdit

As of this moment, there is no research as to Goober's weapons and/or equipment during the first Naughty Bear game. During the second game, Panic in Paradise, Goober is confirmed to be wearing the Black Knight Helmet. This helmet is in similar design to the iron helmet of Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. The effects granted by this piece of equipment are currently unknown.


Episode 2Edit

Goober and Sunbeam are shouting into loudspeakers, to let everyone know that Chubby is running for mayor of the island. Like the other bears, he wears a rossette to show his support of Chubby.

Episode 4Edit

Goober is one of three bears going to Nibbles' cooking lesson, the other two being Daddles and Pudding. It should be noted that in the final zone at Nibbles' kitchen, Goober and Pudding are nowhere to be found while Nibbles and Daddles are there, along with Oodoo, the Zombears, and the Army Bear squad. This would imply that Goober and Pudding were killed by the Zombears before Naughty arrived.

Episode 5Edit

Goober, along with Pudding and Chubby, are shown greeting Trembles as he arrives, and is cheering when Trembles explains how he plans to kill Naughty and destroy his hut to drill for oil, not knowing Naughty is listening.



Naughty Hit List 3 Goober

Naughty Hit List 3 Goober

Naughty Hit List #3 Goober