The First Plant BearEdit

Grhuel is the first Plant Bear. The Plant Bears are infected gardeners with pale blue skin, glowing red eyes and for some unknown reason, vampire teeth. Grhuel is the first of the plant bears. Grhuel also has the ability to turn bears into plant bears.

Encounters With NaughtyEdit

Seaside Greenhouse

Grhuel appears twice in the Seaside Greenhouse. The first time he appears, Grhuel has to be liberated to kill his creator, Flopsey. To find Grhuel, simply go to the garden near the level exit. Be careful as there are traps that have been set. The second time Grhuel is seen, he is a target in which he has turned the remaining gardeners into Plant Bears. Naughty kills Ghruel with the potent herbicide, causing Ghruel to be returned to sleep.


  • Although the player kills Grhuel, The Narrator says Naughty has to put Grhuel back to sleep forever. It is revealed that Grhuel is killed when the player sees the description for the potent herbicide.

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