Groanalot is one of the Bearcatattoo and a powerful one at that. Groanalot wields a scythe and the only known scythe in the game. Groanalot only appears in the Sir Rubert assassination. To find the key, go behind the right of the fireplace and underneath the curtain is the key. When Naughty finds Groanalot, he seems to have slaughtered many intruders with his scythe. Because his scythe is so strong, Naughty should be disguised as a guard, or atleast wear armor. The scythe that Groanalot is equipped with can kill Naughty in one swipe, if he is not prepared for the devastating attack.


  • Groanalot and Dancealot could more than likely be antis or enemies, due to the fact that Dancealot has tried to harness the power of Phil The Singing Sword. Groanalot could also just be protecting his territory, just as the other Bearcatattoo are doing.

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