In this challenge, you must do objectives without being seen. If you get seen 5 times, you need to start over. there's an achievement/trophy called "Truely Invisible" that can be earned by completing the challenge without being seen once.


  • Use sounds to distract bears to something else away from your objective.
  • Don't get seen and stay close to the woods.
  • You can still use noise (Scare, gunfire) to gather the bears together. Just make sure you're in the woods or hidden by a wall.
  • Use clothes with you can walk around without being seen.
  • Attack from behind or a distance.
  • Try using a costume with a long ranged weapon (Oozy, Revolver,etc.) while hiding in the woods.
  • The only invisible challenges in the game exclusively feature bears that can't see you in the woods.
  • Try setting a few traps in front of a central section of woods at the start of the challenge. From there you can use the Scare to attract all the bears so they can get trapped/witness traps.
  • Remember you can not use Super Kills or Super Scares on this mission. If their head turns toward you, it still counts as being seen.
  • Most object kills don't count against you, since you generally shove the victims into something from behind.