Collectible Item StoryEdit

Bird-Cams come up in Episode Three, when Cozy sends the creatures after Naughty Bear to watch him, with assistance of the armed forces. Cozy's Bird-Cams are the third Optional Mission that Naughty Bear receives, there are ? Bird-Cams in all to destroy. One birdie is located at Naughty Bear's glade.

Collectible Item Information/DescriptionEdit

The Fluffy Bird-Cams are living creatures with items strapped to their heads. The birds are blue with a purple plumage, and white tail feathers. The birds also have enormous orange beaks larger than their heads. What appears to be a household video camera is simply taped to their noggins. The bird is somewhat a mix of chicken, parrot, and toucan. If alerted to Naughty Bear being close, the bird will take a second to flap it's wings, then quickly take flight, soaring in a circle above until later settling back on the ground. It appears that the Fluffy Bird-Cams are either omnivores or carnivorous.

Bird-Cams make a noise when destroyed, a loud "Squaaak!". Bird-Cams cannot be picked up and taken with you to a disposal spot however. They must either be shot down from a distance, or quickly dispatched with a melee weapon. Fluffy Bird-Cams can be found on the ground, usually near paths hedged in by forest, or perched on roof-tops.

Why do you destroy it?Edit

[This is theory.] The Fluffy Bird-Cams are a rude obtrusion into Naughty Bear's life, a bothersome aspect that annoys. Naughty Bear just wants peace and solitude, and pops the troublesome critters to finally have some peace.

Image of Collectible ItemEdit

Bird Cam

"How rude it is to spy on people!"

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