Collectible Item StoryEdit

Deadbook pages come up in Episode Four, when Nibbles accidentally reads from the Deadbook and summons the UnTed. The Narrator suggests to Naughty Bear that Nibbles should be punished for summoning the Living Ted. There are seven pages in all to destroy, the first being in Naughty's Glade, the next three located at The Disco, and the last three pages located at The Cabin, which is named "Nibble's Kitchen".

Collectible Item Information/DescriptionEdit

Deadbook pages are tattered pieces of parchment, with what looks like blood written on them. When a Deadbook page is picked up, a multitude of incomprehensible whispers can be heard, and thunder booms in the background.

Deadbook pages can be destroyed like any other Collectible Item. It can be destroyed in a variety of ways, which are listed here as:

  • Throwing it into a campfire. This is always available if you have broken all the grills, stoves, and toilets in the current section of the island.
  • Torching it on a malfunctioning grill.
  • Crisping it on an overheated stove.
  • Flushing it down the toilet.

Why do you destroy it?Edit

[This is theory.] The Deadbook pages continue to summon the UnTed on Perfection Island. Naughty Bear's peace and quiet is disturbed by the Living Ted breaking down his doors and trying to gnaw his limbs off. By destroying the pages, Naughty Bear is able to relax once more.

Image of Collectible ItemEdit


Unofficial picture of the Deadbook before it explodes.

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