Collectible Item StoryEdit

Presents come up in Episode One, when Naughty Bear attempts to give one to Daddles. After being mocked by Chubby and Giggles for his attempt at friendship, Naughty Bear runs back to his hut in shame. The Narrator at first comforts Naughty Bear about it, then encourages NB to toss the present into his campfire. Daddles' Birthday Presents are the first Optional Mission that Naughty Bear receives, there are 7 presents in all to destroy. One present is Naughty Bear's own gift to Daddles. 3 more are found in The Factory, and 3 final presents are at the Disco, at the birthday party of Daddles.

Collectible Item Information/DescriptionEdit

Presents are yellow boxes, with red ribbons wrapped around them to secure the lid in place, and the ribbons are tied up in a pretty bow at the top. When the item is picked up, as with all other Collectible Items, a accompanying sound can be heard. The sound the present makes is that of a "happy" squeaking sound, and the noise of a "Party Blowout" plays simultaneously. A party blowout is that rolled up paper that is attached to a whistle, that extends when one blows into it, which in turn makes the noise.

The present can be destroyed like any other Collectible Item. It can be destroyed in a variety of ways, which are listed here as:

  • Throwing it into a campfire. This is always available if you have broken all the grills, stoves, and toilets in the current section of the island.
  • Torching it on a malfunctioning grill.
  • Crisping it on an overheated stove.
  • Flushing it down the toilet.

Why do you destroy it?Edit

[This is theory.] The presents are destroyed in rage. Naughty Bear wasn't invited to Daddles' birthday party, was shunned when he tried to join the party, and become friends with the bears. Ruining Daddles' presents are an admittedly petty form of revenge.

Image of Collectible ItemEdit


Naughty Bear holding his present for Daddles. The start of the rampage.

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