Collectible Item StoryEdit

Rosettes come up in Episode Two, when Naughty Bear attempts to stop Chubby from becoming Mayor. After witnessing the Ninja Bears take up a defensive guard around Chubby, Naughty Bear sees that the rosettes are being handed out. The Narrator warns Naughty Bear to be careful. Chubby's Rossetes are the second Optional Mission that Naughty Bear receives, there are ? rosettes in all to destroy. Strangely, Chubby is the only bear running for Mayor of the island.

Collectible Item Information/DescriptionEdit

Rosettes are buttons to show support for Chubby's political campaign; colored red, white, and blue. A ribbon goes down from the button. When the item is picked up, as with all other Collectible Items, a accompanying sound can be heard. The sound the rosette makes is that of a crowd applauding.

The Rosette can be destroyed like any other Collectible Item. It can be destroyed in a variety of ways, which are listed here as:

  • Throwing it into a campfire. This is always available if you have broken all the grills, stoves, and toilets in the current section of the island.
  • Torching it on a malfunctioning grill.
  • Crisping it on an overheated stove.
  • Flushing it down the toilet.

Why do you destroy it?Edit

[This is theory.] Naughty Bear destroys the rosettes due to the political campaign of Chubby. Chubby promises to eliminate Naughty Bear if elected Mayor. Destroying the item that shows support for Chubby helps prevent this.

Image of Collectible ItemEdit


"Perhaps you should go and shut him down?"-The Narrator suggests another rampage.