Collectibile Item StoryEdit

The Zero Point Quantum Grid Resonators, or Z.P.Q.G.R.'s, make their first appearance in Episode Six. They appear when Fluffy, a purple bear who it seems has a doctorate in engineering, builds a robot army and attempts to use the Z.P.Q.G.R.'s to power a giant robotic super brain.

Collectible Item Information/DescriptionEdit

Zero Point Quantum Grid Resonators are metallic rods with red spheres atop them, with electricity crackling around them. When a Z.P.Q.G.R.'s is picked up, electronic computer sounds can be heard.

Z.P.Q.G.R.'s can be destroyed like any other Collectible Item. It can be destroyed in a variety of ways, which are listed here as:

  • Throwing it into a campfire. This is always available if you have broken all the grills, stoves, and toilets in the current section of the island.
  • Torching it on a malfunctioning grill.
  • Crisping it on an overheated stove.
  • Flushing it down the toilet.

Why do you destroy it?Edit

[This is theory.] The Zero Point Quantum Grid Resonators are incredibly dangerous and unstable. If harnessed, they could very well tear apart the universe. The Glade would be wiped out of existance for sure. The protagonist just wants peace and solitude, and having all of the world destroyed would certainly ruin his day of chasing the Fluffrogs.

Image of Collectible ItemEdit

Zero point quantum grid resonator

"Oh my, that looks like a ZERO POINT QUANTUM GRID RESONATOR! Those are incredibly dangerous!"

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