Jacques Le Tickler
Jacques Le Tickler
Jacques le Tickler


Jacques Le Tickler

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Jaques le Tickler SummaryEdit

Jacques le Tickler is a "serial tickler" vampire bear who appears in Naughty Bear: Panic In Paradise. He was recruited by a secret society known as the Slab-Chiselers to try and clear Naughty from their social lifes. His goal is to kill Normal, and Naughty must punish Normal before Tickler does, making the level a competition between Naughty Bear and Tickler. When Naughty kills Normal, Tickler decides to use his claws and "tickle" Naughty, who won't stand for it.


Duegard TempleEdit

Tickler was recruited by the Slab-Chiselers to punish Normal. Naughty Bear is trying to punish Normal as well, and doesn't want Tickler to defluff the blue bear first. Naughty will have to be fast to kill Normal before Tickler does. Tickler is helped by the Slab-Chiselers, who will help him fight Naughty. If Naughty acts quickly, he can punish Normal before Jacques does, proving himself to be the superior bear.

Later on, Naughty Bear finds out that Tickler  lives up to his name and uses his claws to "tickle" other bears in a sick game, and wants to "tickle" Naughty. To avoid meeting the same fate, Naughty has to get to Tickler first and beat him into submission before ultimately punishing him by trapping him and breaking his neck.


Due to his insanity, Jacques is very brave; even when he's injured, he'll never back down from a fight.

Equipment & HeadgearEdit

Tickler looks like the Vampires from the first Naughty Bear. He has white eyes, pale, stitched skin, and fangs. He is armed with Psycopathic Claws during Normal's level, and the Vampire Claws in his own. also on level 19 where he is your target instead of having black claws they are gold and called "scary fingers"


  • It should be noted that other than his appearance in Duegard Temple, Jacques is seen in The Wellness Center all the time. This could mean Jacques is there for a few reasons:
  1. He is looking for easy victims to "tickle".
  2. He is seeking help to be happy, like the other bears.
  3. Has a job there.
  • While at The Wellness Center, Jacques can be seen looking at books. Because The Wellness Center helps bears get better mentally, Jacques could possibly be studying bear mentality to find out how to scare them most effectively.
  • His name is a pun on Jack The Ripper, the unidentified 19th century serial killer.
  • Even though the vampire's name is Jacques le Tickler, it is often seen as 'Jack the Tickler' during missions.
  • The gold claws he uses in the level where he is the target are the same ones that the Vampiricorn uses in the first game.

Video & ImagesEdit

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