Danger Bear
Danger bear
Danger Bear


Danger Bear

Fur color

Navy Blue

Eye color


Notable features

Golden Viking Helmet

Danger Bear SummaryEdit

Danger Bear is the leader of the X-Bears, and is seen in Episode 8. His helmet also bares a resemblance to that of the Marvel Comics superhero Thor. He wears the same red superhero suit as the X-bears, and carries the Rod Of Justice weapon. In the Gold Edition of Naughty Bear, Danger Bear is a playable costume in the costume selection, which can be unlocked by getting gold in 8-1, 8-2, and 8-3.

Personality & TraitsEdit

When provoked he will attack.

He also may run away and try to escape.

He might be a pompous superhero who might have the tendency to accidentally worse the damages he's trying to fix. Also, he seems to speak always in a loud and booming voice which often annoys the other bears even if they admire him.

Equipment & HeadgearEdit

Danger Bear wears a golden helmet, with golden wings on each side of the helmet. He is equipped with the Rod of Justice.

Panic In ParadiseEdit

Confirmed to be in-game in a IGN preview. His new name will be "Ken 'Danger' Clark". Also in the new game, his muzzle will be white like a ordinary bear muzzle.

Pictures & ScreenshotsEdit