Naughticorn as Seen on Naughty Bear Season 1

Fur Color:


Eye Color:


Notable Features

Uni Bear Horn and Hair

The Naughticorn costume is a special, unlockable costume, that can be unlocked if you achieve

a score of 100,000,000 Naughty points. It is also the fastest costume in the game.

-Luscious hair.

-Smells like candy.

-Dressing up as a Unibear is Naughty!


Life- ** Not very good

Strength-** Doesn't hit with a killing blow

Accuracy-** Won't give an accurate hit, might miss

Speed-***** Extremely fast

Special KillEdit

Hornifacation\Unarmed Kill:Naughty charges into a unfortunate bear,Nughty then tosses him over his head,as the poor stabbed bear lands overhead and is killed by impact from hitting the ground,and from the stab wound.

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