Naughty Points are given to the player for any naughty action he does and any naughtiness the other bears witness. 5 different Ranks can be unlocked in each level based on the amount of Naughty Points collected within the level. The player has 250 different ways to earn Naughty Points.


There are 7 Achievements/Trophies to unlock related to Naughty Points. The player must accumulate a large amount of Naughty points in their global score in order to unlock them.

Millionaire Club Scored a Total of 1 000 000 Naughty Points.

Multi-Millionaire Club Scored a Total of 10 000 000 Naughty Points

Freak Club Scored a Total of 25 000 000 Naughty Points.

Closet Monster Club Scored a Total of 50 000 000 Naughty Points.

Under-bed Creeper Club Scored a Total of 75 000 000 Naughty Points.

Naughty Club Scored a Total of 100 000 000 Naughty Points.

Naughtiest Naughty Club Scored a Total of 250 000 000 Naughty Points.

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