Normal as See in Panic in Paradise

Normal is a bear introduced in Naughty Bear: Panic in Paradise. This bear is hunted down by 2 bears: Jacques le Tickler and Naughty Bear in Duegard Temple and is a member of the Slab-Chiselers. As his name indicates, he is the most plain-looking of the bears, not wearing any clothing or holding any weapons by default.

In the videos, he seems to live with Squeaky, possibly implying that they're related or are close friends.

The goal for Normal's level is to kill him with the Machete while naked before Jacques le Tickler does.

In the hints, it says that Normal was met on Perfection Island in the first game. This may be either an oversight on the part of the developers, or backstory indicating that even though Naughty did not encounter Normal during the first game, they did interact at some point.

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