The following is a collection of Videos featuring the game Naughty Bear and some movies Including Alien, Blair Witch, Jaws, and The Ring.

A Naughty Nightmare part 1 - Alien01:08

A Naughty Nightmare part 1 - Alien


A Naughty NIghtmare Part 2 - Blair Witch01:05

A Naughty NIghtmare Part 2 - Blair Witch


A Naughty Nightmare Part 3 - Jaws01:00

A Naughty Nightmare Part 3 - Jaws


A Naughty Nightmare Pt 4 - The Ring00:51

A Naughty Nightmare Pt 4 - The Ring


  • The parodies are similar to part of the plot of movies. In part 1, the xenomorph (Naughty Bear) pops out of Nibbles's chest. In part 2, Cozy and his friends are in the forest and see a lot of dolls that look like Naughty pinned to trees. Then the other bears are taken by an unknown force. Then the camera looks at Cozy, then the camera focuses in first person view again. Naughty Bear is seen sulking while facing the wall, then Cozy is taken by the force. In part 3, Naughty Bear is a giant shark. Trembles tries to hold on to Daddles, but his hand slips and Daddles gets bitten and shaken around before getting pulled under. In part 4, Nibbles tries to turn off the T.V., but it keeps on turning on. The phone then starts to ring. Then Naughty Bear appears out of the T.V., and Nibbles trips and tries to back away. Then Naughty raises his head and Nibbles screams and the screen turns into static and a quick shot of Nibbles's face shown in distorition appears.

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