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Peluso is the mascot of the Paradise Island Resort. He is a bear that is dressed in a bull costume, most likely themed for the area he is targeted at, The Fiesta Docks. The reason Peluso is The Paradise Island Resort mascot is a claim that he has the softest fluff of all the bears.

Encounter With NaughtyEdit

Peluso is targeted because The Narrator says Peluso is mocking Naughty with his happiness. When the player unlocks Peluso as a target it says that "Peluso is full of protein, a perfect treat for The Sand Dolphin.". From the advice given, Naughty must feed Peluso to The Sand Dolphin. Naughty crashed the party and fed Peluso to the Sand Dolphins. Its most likely that he was defluffed since he's never seen again.

Personality Edit

Peluso is mostly a laid back kind-of bear. During the party he dances with the crowd before waltsing over to the docks to dance with his friends. If he suspects anything off (even a single broken cooler), he'll wander around the area. This could mean he has an issue with things being out of order.



  • Peluso is a bear but, the Bear Wares menu describes all of Peluso's costume pieces as being real.

He has a fear of the Sand Dolphins

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