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Clown makeup and costume

Pennybear SummaryEdit

Pennybear is a DLC costume in Naughty Bear: Panic in Paradise. He is a clown, wearing clown makeup and clown clothing. He is also armed with a hammer. He has bright red hair.

Equipment & HeadgearEdit

He has white makeup and wears a yellow shirt and pants. He has red shoes. He has blue striped sleeves. He has red lips and a red nose. He has black eyebrows that look fake. He is armed with a gigantic hammer. This may be a reference to Harley Quinn from Batman, who sometimes uses a hammer.

Panic in ParadiseEdit

Pennybear makes his first appearance in Panic In Paradise as a DLC costume. His costume statistics mainly consist of insanity and health. Because the costume has bad armoring, it should not be used in a level that is roaming with gun-wielding enemies.


  • He is an obvious pun on Pennywise It from Stephen King's "It".

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