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Faction Name


Fur color

Dark blue

Eye color


Signature weapon



Captain Bearbeard

First Appearance

Episode 9

Pirates SummaryEdit

Pirate Bears make their first and last appearance in Episode Nine, when Giggles requests their aid in digging up the treasure underneath Naughty Bear's hut. They are overall similar to The Fuzz in behavior and function, and when a bear calls for help on the phone, the Pirate Bears arrive in a pirate-theme patrol boat. Pirate bears are brave in combat, until attacked by Naughty Bear; if attacked by any other bears, they stand and fight. They will group together in small teams, making combat difficult for players who pick off their targets alone. Their leader is The Dreaded BearBeard. They come armed with an eclectic armory; cutlasses, fire axes, hatchets, and magnums.


  • Pirate bears will respond to escaped bears or bears calling for help. Despite the fact being pirates, they do not appear to steal or commit crime like pirates in general.

Faction Size & EquipmentEdit

Below is a list of each individual Pirate Bear and their behavior. This list is incomplete. The list goes first in Command order, then in alphabetical order. They all have wooden legs, wool shirts, have braided hair (they could be implying the Pirates Of The Caribbean as Jack Sparrow's hair); it's the basic stereotypical pirate costume. As with The Fuzz, there is one Pirate Bear who drives the patrol boat, but never steps on dry land. This certain Pirate Bear wears an Admiral's hat, and is seen in the opening cutscene. This may imply he is second in command to the Pirate Bears, preferring to stay out of the action.


  • If you Wear the Master Naughty Costume or the Master Miyagi Costume the Pirate Bears will attack you on sight regardless if they know your Naughty Bear or not (this may be a reference to the trend of Pirates Vs. Ninjas)
  • There is a tip that says "There is a fanstatical treasure on the island! Lets hope no pirates come!" This referred to the Episode 9 DLC before it came out.

Pirate Bear MembersEdit

Warning all of the names are not in alphabetical order

The Great Bear Beard

Pirate Hookins

Pirate Weastouth

Pirate Bootee

Pirate Midship

Pirate Widechest

Pirate Slipdeck

Pirate Nutwood

Pirate Nuggets

Pirate O'Bearey

Pirate Lootmore

Pirate Tumbletop