R0B0-PR1ME holding the Power-Fist in a pose.

The Power-Fist is a weapon similar to a robotic fist which is held by R0B0-B34R5, introduced in Episode 6 .

The Power-Fist is a close ranged item, dealing moderately high damage with the cost of low swing speed and terrible range. It is also developed by Fluffy for the R0B0-B34R5 to have a weapon to defend themselves against Naughty Bear.

The Power-Fist is wielded by Fluffy, R0B0-B34R5, and some X-Bears.

Ultra KillEdit

Naughty rapidly delivers a barrage of punches to the victim's face before delivering the final blow to the victim.

Suicide Edit

The Power-Fist has no suicide animation. Instead, the bear swells up like a balloon and pops.

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