Private Jackson


Private Jackson

Fur Color:


Eye Color:


Notable Features:


Private Jackson SummaryEdit

A private in the Army Bears, led by General Treacle and Colonel Ketchup.

First GameEdit

Equipped with a Magnum revolver, led by Colonel Ketchup and Sergeant Killgore; his aim is slightly better over other Army Bears. [Needs more testing.]

Name Meaning/ReferenceEdit

He is named after Private Jackson from Saving Private Ryan, a designater sharpshooter who drew strength from repeating bible verses to himself before making a shot. 1

Personality & TraitsEdit

Does this bear fix broken things? Will this bear assist others when they are trapped in a bear trap? Will this bear try to escape by boat or car? Put that all here!


Put the episodes this bear appears in here, and how they appear in it.

Equipment & HeadgearEdit

Statistics, equipped weapon, and clothing go here. Also, put ways to earn this bear's costume here!

Video & ImagesEdit

Any videos and images of the bear, go here.

Naughty Bear: Panic in ParadiseEdit

If the bear is going to be in the second game, confirm it here, and explain where you got this information.


Always put annotations for reference material!

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