Private Kurtz
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Private Kurtz

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Private Kurtz SummaryEdit

Kurtz is a private in the Army Bears squad led by Colonel Ketchup and his sergeant Sergeant Killgore in the first game of Naughty Bear. He is led by General Treacle and Colonel Ketchup in the following title, Naughty Bear: Panic in Paradise. In the first game he is equipped with an Oozy, his current weapon is unknown. He is named after the character played by Marlon Brando; Colonel Walter E. Kurtz, a highly decorated member of the U.S. Army Special Forces with the 5th Special Forces Group, who goes renegade in the movie Apocalypse Now. He runs his own operations out of Cambodia and is feared by the US military as much as the North Vietnamese and Vietcong.[1]

Personality & TraitsEdit

As shown in Episode 4, Private Kurtz appears to be rather brave, as he is seen fighting two-three Zombears at once with an Oozy. However, this will prove useless and he will be killed unless Naughty helps him.

Appearances In Naughty BearEdit

Episode 3Edit

Private Kurtz, along with the other Army Bears, are called by Cozy to help him spy on Naughty Bear. Colonel Ketchup orders that cameras be put on the birds heads and Cozy shows them a picture of Naughty and tells them to go search for him. However, Naughty overhears this and decides to punish Cozy. Private Kurtz is, along with most of the Army Bears, at Cozy's Headquarters. Since there are so many Army Bears it is dangerous for Naughty to face against Kurtz or any of the Army Bears head-on. Naughty has to wait for Private Kurtz or the other Army Bears to be alone and then attack. After Cozy is defeated, the Army Bears leave.

Episode 4Edit

Private Kurtz is amongst the Army Bears that have arrived at Perfection Island to face off against the Zombears, which were unintentionally summoned by Nibbles. Private Kurtz is the first Army Bear seen. He is fighting two-three Zombears at once with an Oozy and leads them to the gate that Naughty has just came from. The Zombears kill him unless Naughty saves him.

Appearances in Naughty Bear: Panic in ParadiseEdit

Private Kurtz was sent to Paradise Island to stop Naughty's rampage and teams up with Cozy. He has yellow fur.

Retreat & Spa for War HeroesEdit

Private Partz takes part in a plot conducted by Cozy to blow up Naughty's hut with the super cannon. He is part of the squadron that guards Cozy from attacks from Naughty Bear. Naughty Bear assassinates the Army Bears, and he then targets Kurtz. Kurtz is not saved from Naughty's wrath, and is killed.

Equipment & HeadgearEdit

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Video & ImagesEdit

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