Private Malone


Private Malone

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Private Malone SummaryEdit

Private Malone is a soldier in the Army Bears led by General Treacle and Colonel Ketchup.

Name Meaning/ReferenceEdit

Private Malone's name references the song Riding with Private Malone, by Wood Newton and Thom Shepard. 1 The song is about a retired veteran who purchases a 66 Corvette, and finds a note in the glove compartment from 1966. The note was written by the car's former owner, who died in the Vietnam War, a soldier known as Private Andrew Malone. The narrator of the song claims to see the ghostly vision of a soldier riding shotgun at times, and in the third verse of the song, as he takes the corvette for a drive, the narrator crashes the car. A bystander claimed to see him being dragged from the wreckage by an unidentified soldier, who the narrator is firmly convinced was Private Andrew Malone.

Personality & TraitsEdit

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Equipment & HeadgearEdit

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Video & ImagesEdit

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Naughty Bear: Panic in ParadiseEdit

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