Private Pickles
Private Pickles


Private Pickles

Fur Color:

Mossy Green

Eye Color:


Notable Features:

Formerly known as Private P. Pickles



Private Pickles SummaryEdit

Panic in ParadiseEdit

First GameEdit

A private in the Army. He is dressed identically with the other Army Bears. Equipped with an Oozy in regular episodes, Top Hat weapon has not yet been researched.

  • When realizing danger, this army bear will give orders.
  • Will often go for help by boat, car or phone.
  • Name in first game is Private P. Pickles. In Panic in Paradise it is shortened to simply "Private Pickles."

Personality & TraitsEdit

Does this bear fix broken things? Yes Will this bear assist others when they are trapped in a bear trap? Yes Will this bear try to escape by boat or car? Yes


Panic in ParadiseEdit

Private Pickles appears in multiple missions in the second installment; Mission Nine.

First GameEdit

Private Pickles shows up in Episode 3, Episode 4, and Episode 7.

Equipment & HeadgearEdit

Statistics, equipped weapon, and clothing go here. Also, put ways to earn this bear's costume here!

Video & ImagesEdit

Any videos and images of the bear, go here.


Always put annotations for reference material!

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