Professor B. Brightness

Professor B. Brightness In The Last Target

Fluffy's mentor and co-creator of the R0B0-B34R5 or at least, the upgraded version of them. He's a middle-aged bear always wearing a visor over his eyes and he got grayish fur. He's always seen working in his disaster-zone of a lab.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Even if he's an extremely intelligent bear, he also might be a completely insane scientist, being killed by Naughty the first time probably made him grow obsessed with revenge and he starts to "upgrade" himself, at first by just wearing a quantic power suit and at the end he seems to become a cyborg himself. The fact that this far he's the final bear we get to face might be an hint of being a real threat not only to Naughty, but to the whole planet too.

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