Polaroid Pudding medium
Pudding the Botanist



Fur Color:


Eye Color:


Notable Features:

Straw Hat

Pudding is a light pink colored bear. He is not a major character in the game. He went to a cooking class at Nibble's house in Episode 4 in the first Naughty Bear game. In "Naughty Bear: Panic in Paradise", Pudding seems to be a botanist who alters plant genetics to create dangerous, bear eating flowers. Pudding can not be played in multiplayer. Curiously enough, Pudding is referred as a trend specialist in the first Naughty Bear game, precisely in the hat menu in the multiplayer mode. For some reason, in the Italian localization of the game, he's referred as "she". Probably because of the pink color and the fact in the Blair Witch parody trailer his/her voice got an higher pitch than the other bears.


Episode 4Edit

Pudding arrives at Nibble's house with the other colored bears for a nice cooking lesson. But Pudding and the others are soon doomed, as the Unted assault the house.


Naughty Hit List 2 Pudding

Naughty Hit List 2 Pudding

Naughty Hit List #2 Pudding