Fur color


Eye color

Bright Blue.

Notable features

Metallic Body and Glowing Eyes.

R0B0-A2M is a R0B0-B34R that comes into the island as help when a R0B0-B34R escapes/calls for help.

R0B0-A2M's name is a refrence to the company's name that made the game (A2M = Artificial Mind And Movement).

A2M was later re-named to BEhaviour due to having the name to a disgusting act.


R0B0-A2M will fight Naughty when seen. Will run away sometimes.

Panic In ParadiseEdit

Proffessor B. Brightness

R0B0-A2M is a normal R0B0-B3AR5 bear, who will do just as a norma bear will do. R0B0-A2M only appears before R0B0-PR1M3 Mk.IV is a target, also just as the first set of R0B0-B3AR5.

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