Sergeant Killgore


Sergeant Killgore

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Sergeant Kilgore SummaryEdit

Second in command of the Army Bears. He is dressed identically with the other Army Bears. His name is a reference to Sergeant Kilgore, from the movie "Delta Farce".

Behavior- He is quite strong and in panic in paradise, he stands by General Treacle.

Actions/Responses- He always gives commands to other bears.

Personality & TraitsEdit

He is brave as he tried to fight off the zombears.


Sergeant Killgore apears in episode three and four. In episode three he will help Cozy and Colonel Ketchup fight naughty, and in episode four he will , as mentioned above, try to fight off Zombears.

Equipment & Headgear

Sergeant Kilgore has a gray helmet, a bullet strap jacket, shades, and a mustache. He holds a revolver.

Video & ImagesEdit

Any videos and images of the bear, go here.

Naughty Bear: Panic in ParadiseEdit

Found in the last level of the Retreat and Spa for War Heroes, Seargent Kilgore is mostly dressed in the form of a Corporal except he has a mustache on him. He attacks with a revolver, unlike in the first game.


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